Patriotic Order Sons of America
240 S. Centre Ave.
Leesport, PA 19533


~We are a non-profit fraternal organization founded in 1847 by Dr. Reynell Coates, a Philadelphia physician, teacher and poet, who wanted to educate young men in citizenship and patriotism. While still a fraternal organization, we do have a Contributing Membership of males and females of all ages. 


~Since our inception in 1847, we have been dedicated to honoring the Flag of our Nation and preserving local, state and national historic landmarks.

Patriotic Order Sons of America 
Organized 1847
By Education and Example to:

~Arouse appreciation of the heritage of freedom which is ours under God as American citizens

~Establish a feeling of 'Devotion to the Country, its institutions, the Constitution of the United States and respect for the American flag'

~Support and defend the American system of Public Schools

~Oppose foreign interference in State and National affairs

~Advocate a firm program and legislation for the National Defense and the Security of the Nation

~Oppose all subversive movements against our Constitutional Government and the powers of law and order

~Work for adequate restrictions of Immigration

~Cultivate harmony, fellowship and friendship among the Membership